8 Easy Tips To Teach Yourself Guitar

As you are probably extremely aware, taking the first step is always the most difficult step, and more than often we need a little push. To learn the guitar online is no different. Think about it this way, you have gotten on a train on your way to a job interview, not just any job, the job that you want. You know it can totally be done, but after you get it, you dont want to let it go, so you ask the people that has had this job in the past for advice on how to do it.

Now that you have chosen the guitar as the instrument that you will learn how to play, it is only time to find out what is the best path for you to follow.

First Tip: always dedicate time to practice during the day, about an hour a day is more than enough, but this is the key, particularly when you are just starting from scratch, this is what will make the difference for you.

Tip number two: listen to music. Difficult, isn\’t it? To be more specific, to the songs you would like to learn on the guitar. When the time comes for you to learn these songs, you\’ll know by ear when you make a mistake, besides, having the motivation of learning a song that you actually enjoy playing will make it easier.

Third tip: Learn guitar chords, by learning to play them correctly, your fingers will begin to be more agile and your hands will get used to change from chord to chord. This will get you to learn easy songs as well.

Fourth tip: something that really works out for me, and yes I know this may sound a little strange, is to keep practicing in your head; your mind will make it real, even if you are not holding your guitar. Try to continue doing the chords and just practice as if you were holding your guitar.

Fifth Tip: Have your guitar clean all the time. True, this isn\’t really a tip that will help you with your guitar techniques, but it is logical, if you think about it, you won\’t feel like playing if your guitar is dirty or if it has broken strings.

Sixth tip: exercise your fingers to make them stronger. To make this happen, all you need to do is to learn and practice guitar scales on the fret board, by doing this a lot on your first week with your guitar, you will be able to feel the difference very quickly.

Tip seven: Play guitar blindfolded. This is a great technique that will make you dominate your guitar like a professional. Your will educate your hearing and your hands will know what to do even if you are not watching. It can be a little bit tricky at first, but trust me, this really works.

Eight Tip: Find your role model. It is always helpful to see how other people have succeeded on the guitar; this also motivates you to keep practicing.

Then don\’t forget that the best way to learn guitar is to practice every day. I strongly recommend you to get a guitar course online, or if you are able to join a music academy, that\’s a good idea too. The important thing is to put dedication into it.

George B. is a guitarist with over a decade playing guitar. Find Guitar Tabs For Beginners to get started. Read my in depth Jamorama Guitar Review and start learning guitar online.. This article, 8 Easy Tips To Teach Yourself Guitar has free reprint rights.

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