Learn Guitar Chords and Master The Guitar The Easy Way

Sometimes we complicate things too much in life. I am guilty of this sin. But to learn guitar chords does not have to be complicated. First things first, you need a guitar and then you need online guitar lessons. Thats how simple this should be.

Now, playing guitar can be a very fun experience if you really want to learn. At first, it is normal to feel a little frustration and to believe that the guitar is complicated, but the truth is that it isn\’t.

This is what you need to start playing guitar, your toolbox if you want to see it like that: a nice guitar, a set of picks (for some reason one is never enough because they always disappear), and access to the internet to download your guitar lessons, and of course the will to start learning something completely new to you.

Once you have all these, your first task is to learn how to play guitar chords. It can feel difficult to do at first, but usually it doesn\’t take longer than a week to learn all the chords; after a couple of days your fingertips will get used to the strings.

Once you have learned how to play the basic chords, the time is right to start learning beginner\’s songs. Be sure to pick easy songs to start, otherwise, if you aim to high at first, chances are that you will not learn them properly and you might get frustrated and quit. Start with easy songs like \”Yellow\” by Coldplay, that\’s a good song.

Once you have learned a song or two, the next step would be to learn finger exercises such as the pentatonic scale or any other exercise. To make your fingers move faster, practice with these exercises and you will feel the difference in a couple of weeks. Remember, the key is to practice.

The moment comes to start doing things seriously, since you have practiced a lot by now. You will feel like you have been playing your whole life, this won\’t happen overnight tough; normally it takes a couple of months to learn guitar basics.

Next lesson is to start learning how to read tablatures or tabs; this is not hard at all, and it is a great way to start improving your guitar skills. Also, is worth mentioning that many great musicians out there never learned music theory, they got where they are just with tabs. Now, I\’m not saying you dont want to learn music theory, all I\’m saying is that to move forward with more difficult lessons, knowing to read tabs will do.

If you have a friend or relative that plays guitar this is great, you can play together and exchange tips and techniques, and you will learn guitar faster.

At this point you should be excited. Remember that to become a great guitar player the secret lies in the practice. Always make enough time to learn something new. The difference between an average guitar player and those playing in concerts is the will to continue moving on. Good luck and my best wishes.

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