Learn How To Play Guitar EZ DVD Chord Kit & Book

Patented E-Z CHORD device attaches to any guitar in just 5 minutes and gives you INSTANT SUCCESS. E-Z Chord replaces difficult finger moves with just four numbered buttons. All you have to do to change chords is push buttons at the right time.

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Kid’s Guitar Course Complete (Book, Enhanced CD & DVD) (Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course)

The complete edition combines Levels 1 and 2 with the activity pages of the Notespeller, and includes an accompanying CD and DVD. Each lesson on every colorful page is explained in plain language that’s easy to understand; plus the companion DVD to the best-selling book features a live instructor to make learning even easier! Alfreds Kids Guitar Course is a fun method for learning to play songs on the guitar right away! [Read more…]

Guitar Book – Play Guitar Overnight – Discover the Easy Guitar Methods Used by the Pros. (Lessons Made Easy Series)

About this Guitar Book: Have you always wanted to learn how to play the guitar? If so, this Guitar Book can get you started on the right foot. This guitar guide is going to show you all the basics that you need to get started…You’ll Learn:* History of the Guitar* Guitar Chords* Guitar Scales* Characteristics of a Lead Guitarists* Secrets Methods that the Pro’s use* Much more…If you always wanted to play the guitar, it’s now time to start even if you are just beginning.If you are a toe-tapping closet guitar player, “How to play the Guitar Overnight” may be just the ticket for you.Now, obviously you aren’t going to qualify for any awards after reading this book, however, this breakthrough guitar book will teach you the basics and the rest will be up to you.“How to Play the Guitar Overnight” will teach you all about the Guitar and enough playing skill to master the basics. Discover whether the guitar is your passion or just a fun hobby.Regardless, of what you decide you wi
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Guitar for the Absolute Beginner, Book 1 (Book and DVD)

This book and dvd will give you everything you need to know to start playing acoustic or electric guitar immediately, even if you have never held a guitar. Learn to play basic chords, strum power chords, basic finger picking styles and improvising techniques. Play along with easy songs right away. Close-ups of hands, split screens and music examples right on your screen make learning fun and easy. [Read more…]